High School

Individual high school players will be required to register with AAU (Amateur Athletic Union) before they will be permitted to participate within the IHAAZ.

Step 1

(Register as a player),

All high school players must register with the added benefit membership for $14.00 in the ATHLETE CATEGORY.  Please note that when registering with AAU that the club name is IHAAZ and the club code is TF4D73.

Click the link below for the Amateur Athletic Union.


Click here to register as an athlete with AAU


Step 2

(Register your Team with IHAAZ)

That’s it, there really is only three steps to get this season started… Now that your player and team is registered with the AAU you are ready to set up your team for the Arizona Inline Hockey Association.



Click here to register your Team for the 2012 season




Coaches and assistants (a maximum of 3 allowed on the players bench) must be registered with the ADDED BENEFIT MEMBERSHIP for $16.00 with AAU in the NON-ATHLETE CATEGORY.

›Click here to register as a non-athlete with AAU

›Click here for high School division qualifying rules
›Click here to register your team and players