High School Player/Team Resources:

Four Easy Steps To Creating A High School Inline Team


  • Step 1: Find at least 6 players from your school who would like to play (8 and a goalie is ideal). If you don’t think there are 6 “Roller Hockey” players at your school, talk with students who participate in your schools ice hockey team/club. If you find a large # of players (more than 8) who are interested, the IHAAZ requests that you hold an open tryout in order to give all interested student athletes at your school the opportunity to play. This can be done at an Inline Facility for a nominal cost. If you need assistance finding a facility, please feel free to contact the IHAAZ. In looking for players from your school, you can also contact the IHAAZ, as we might know of players who you could contact who might be interested.
  • Step 2: Approach your schools  administration to find out what is required to start, or maintain, a “sports club”. Find out if your school has rules that you would need to follow in forming this club (i.e. use of school name, and/or mascot logo). It’s always best to find a teacher/coach/ or other faculty member who is supportive of the project. Make sure you follow school rules and form your team to their guidelines. School support is not mandatory for IHAAZ High School teams, but it can be good to have the school in your corner. Sometimes the school might even help with getting the word out to the student body, helping to find a coach, or even funding.
  • Step 3: Establish a parent, teacher, faculty member or “Student Captain” to guide the organization and administration of your team/club. You will need someone to be in charge of relaying information to the team, collecting fees, and communicating with the league. Your team will also need a bench coach and/or adult presence on your bench. This can be anyone over the age of 18 who is willing and able to adhere to the coaching criteria set forth by the IHAAZ.
  • Step 4: Contact IHAAZ to register your team. It’s ideal to form your team in the pre-season so you’re ready to go in January, but there are sometimes spaces at IHAAZ qualifier events for teams to enter and play exhibition events.


The IHAAZ has other resources and contacts that can assist you in forming your team. Please feel free to contact us at any point as you are building your team. We WANT to help!



What do I do if?


“I want to play but there aren’t enough players at my school.”

“We have enough players but can’t find a Goalie.”

“There are players from a neighboring school who want to play. Can we use them?”

The IHAAZ will form regional teams and or place individual players on existing teams if the situation warrants. The IHAAZ can also assist in finding a goalie for your team or placing individual players from other schools on your partial team to give your school a chance to establish a program.


Contact us with your name, school, and a brief description of your individual or team situation.