Game Rules


The organization of USA inline hockey programs in the United States of America is conducted under the program identification and logo of USA Roller Sports, which is the National Governing Body for roller inline hockey in the United States under the auspices of the USA Olympic Committee. Many of the USARS inline hockey competitions at the grass-roots level are organized and conducted under the auspices of USARS’ association with the Amateur Athletic Union (AAU).

These competitions are made up of three national-level divisions which use standard ice hockeystyle equipment: Elite Puck, Club Puck and Ball Hockey, and Junior Olympic Puck and Ball Hockey. This publication contains the rules and guidelines for Elite Puck Hockey, Club Hockey and Junior Olympic Hockey, both puck and ball, allowing some flexibility for management of smaller club events. Beyond the United States, USARS Elite inline Hockey program is designated for international and world competitions conducted under the direction of the International Federation of Roller Sports (FIRS) and the Committee International de Roller In-Line Hockey (CIRILH). USARS inline Hockey is designated as a participant sport in the Pan American Games and IWGA World Games, which are conducted, supervised and sanctioned by the International Olympic Committee.

USA Roller Sports has, through its By-laws and General Rules, conformed with the requirements of a NGB under the National Sports Act of the United States Congress which mandate the rules and policies for governance of roller inline hockey programs. These administrative regulations can be found on the USARS website:

It is suggested that you thoroughly familiarize yourself with these rules and policies, as well as the official USARS inline Hockey playing rules contained within this publication, so as to better acquaint yourself with the game of inline hockey and to insure that you will not inadvertently jeopardize your standing as a competitor and in so doing more fully appreciate this sport.

 For full game rules please download the full document here: Full Game Rules (pdf)